Monday, November 27, 2006

What the F#%K people?

So I stumbled upon this brilliant idea yesterday, no doubt thought up by the rocket scientists over at K-Mart after they had huffed all of the spray-on snow from isle three.

I know what you're thinking cause I thought it too, but actually this is not a printing mess up or Photoshop magic. This is the link to the actual sale. I guess they are pushing the whole space saving thing. But lets be honest kiddies if your parents aren't smart enough to just buy a smaller tree then they probably aren't smart enough to make enough money to buy you a lot of presents. And parents if you are too poor to have enough space for a Christmas tree then you are probably too poor to buy a lot of presents. So why the hell do you want the room to look bigger? Maybe so you can have the Charlie Brown Christmas tree effect? Again just buy a smaller tree. Here is the thing that cracks me up the most. The upside down tree kind of struck me like an upside down cross would, basically as an anti religious gesture. I know that the Christmas tree and Santa Claus are not religious items per se. But I thought that somewhere they must have had their roots in religion. So I did a little research (very little, right to wikipedia) and it turns out I was right.

In the Old English poem the Dream of the Rood the coniferous tree is actually the cross on which Jesus was crucified. Some churches actually use the same tree that they used at Christmas time, stripped down and used as the cross at Easter. Wake up people! You are putting the symbol of Christ dying for your sins upside down in your living room so you can have more room presents. I guess thats what Jesus died for so that you can have more room for presents... Sinner. So basically if you have an upside down tree you are a poor, ignorant, Satan worshiping pagan, with children who hate you, and a neighbor who screws your wife.

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