Thursday, April 27, 2006

Google Maps is the Best! Double True for real!

Have you ever been using Google Maps and wanted something that defined the streets just a little bit better than the hybrid view, but also allowed you to see actual pictures of landmarks for frames of reference? Well if so, here is your solution... have both at the same time. Google Maps Transparencies is a beta app that allows you to view the satellite view of a selected area and then overlay a map view over that area. The best part is that the transparency is adjustable in real time so that you can fade the map in and out to get a better view without having to click and reload to change modes.

(Link) Thanks KOKOGIAK

Sunday, April 23, 2006


    So its been a while since I have posted and my only excuse is a big one... I finally bought a house.  I know, I know... everyone has bought a house, but until you do yourself, you have no idea how much of a huge pain in the balls it is.  So now that I finally have one and I no longer have to spend every waking moment looking for one, I thought I would share a couple of my tech findings.  The first one being EyeSpot.  This is a new "community" (and I use that term loosely)  that allows you to upload and share videos.  The reason I say "community" loosely is because they just call themselves a community because of the MySpace kick.  Basically they are a browsable video uploading service.  The thing that sets them apart from Putfile and YouTube and other video upload sites is that they have a feature that allows you to edit and mix clips and add audio all online without having to download any software and then they give you the code to embed your edited video on any site you wish.  This to me is a big step up.  Basically you can upload videos from your cell (which you can send directly as an MMS message) or your camera and clip them so they show only what you want to show and then add audio that you want to hear.  I have to say is pretty cool.  I mean I haven't messed with it enough to come up with anything cool yet but at least now I have no excuse.  This is definitely easy.  Check it out.