Friday, July 21, 2006

Mug Shot Sketch Creator

full sizeThis is a cool online app that allows you to create virtually any type of face with just a few clicks and adjustments. Have a friend you need to get back at? Eviscerate them online. Make sure the world knows the things that they want the world to forget. For Example Tony.Magnoto.Com. Sorry Ballerina Boy you have yet to live this one down. Want to personalize the domain for free? Try Url Doctor. It will allow you to add a name and allows you to choose from about 2500 different activities. It will then forward traffic from that address to your web site. Even MySpace works. If you are looking to just post a couple of pics and a couple of comments but dont know, or dont want to spend the time making a web page, Magnoto may be the site for you. It is by far the easiest to set up and with the wiki like "drag and drop" placement of the pictures you'll be trashing your ex girlfriend in no time. I only hope Tony doesn't read this... Paybacks are a bitch.

Ultimate Face Creator

Thursday, July 20, 2006

40 reasons to get drunk tonight

1. If you don’t drink that booze, by God, someone else will.

2. The brewing industry alone employs 1.7 million people and that’s a lot of mouths to feed.

3. Bad ass nicknames like “Chuggybear,” “The Alabama Hamma,” “Pukey McPukerson”
are not awarded to people who stay home to do laundry.

4. Your favorite bar stool needs just one more sitting to break it in.

5. This is the one and only night your soul mate will wander into the bar. Seriously.

6. Word on the street is the booze has been trash talking you all day.


Thanks Modern Drunkard Magazine